Because we ALL have something to give.

"We have to be willing to embrace all that God is, all that He loves and all that breaks His heart." - Noel Yeatts | meredithbernard.com

At some point a seed was planted in my heart.

A seed that I assumed may never get enough light  or water to grow, much less bloom.

Though I’ve never had an epiphany moment and laid my life on the altar to move to an African desert or South American jungle as a missionary, God has given me a heart for the work they do and His people they serve.

I know people who uprooted all they knew and loved to move to foreign countries following God’s call into missions. They’ve given up their own dreams to pursue the dreams God has planted and through their obedience and submission, He is multiplying their fruit in ways I believe they won’t ever know until they are with Him.

Then I look at my life. I consider the farm we live on that will never be anywhere other than where it is right now, and unless God changes something drastically, I’ll remain planted right here with the hay and cattle forevermore. Is it a good life? Yes, it’s a great life and I pinch myself when I consider how fortunate I am.

Then I consider the two children we are raising and the small town we live in, and how great that is.

consider that maybe my one and only mission field in life is right here in the middle of these thousand acres that is truly God’s country with these little one’s God’s given me bottoms to wipe and noses to blow and mouths to feed and hay to rake and a marriage to learn life and love and all the hard in-betweens from.

Yes, I believe with all of my heart the greatest mission field God has given me is right where God has me.

The greatest mission field I serve is in my home and in my home I’m changing the world one beautiful and sometimes broken day at a time.

But there’s still a seed in my soul for the lost, dying, hungry and thirsty rest of the world and I haven’t been able to reconcile what to do with it. There is the GREATER church that God has put a passion in my soul to love and care for and I feel helpless to do anything other than pray. And prayer is GOOD, prayer is GREAT, prayer is NECESSARY…but what about putting feet to my prayers? What about that?

Then I learn of people established in doing God’s work throughout the entire world and I lean in close to hear, because my ears and my heart are pricked.

I learn through a set of circumstances and “chance” encounters that are really nothing short of GOD-encounters, that right here in my back yard, an hour away, is an organization doing just what I’ve felt God pulling me to be a part of.

So, what are the chances? What are the chances that God has brought people into my life in the past few months that are not only drawing me closer to Him through mentorship and FRIENDSHIP, but then that they are involved in an organization that is AWAKE to God’s call to “go into all the world” and they are inviting me and you to help.

And this time, I can.
You can.
We can.

What are the chances that last week I would find myself sitting across the desk at the World Help headquarters with Vice President Noel Yeatts? And what are the chances I’d be able to listen first-hand to my dear friend Michele-Lyn Ault give her testimony to fifty-some World Help employees on how God has used their organization to allow her to “Go and Tell and Love On” His hurting people, while her greatest mission field remains her husband and four children on the farm she calls home?

Last week the chances were real and the God of second, third and seventy-seven times seven chances showed up BIG, because He IS BIG, after all.world_help-2

World Help Bloggers | We all have something to give. | meredithbernard.com

Michele-Lyn Ault (World Help Blogger and Advocate) and Claire Riss (World Help Online Community Manager)


World Help Faith-Based Humanitarian Organization | meredithbernard.comWorld Help Bloggers | We all have something to give. | meredithbernard.comWorld Help Headquarters | Advocate for World Change | meredithbernard.comåWorld Help Headquarters | Advocate for World Change | meredithbernard.comå

Yeah, it’s POSSIBLE to BE and DO MORE than what we feel is possible, because nothing is IMPOSSIBLE with the ONE who MADE LIFE POSSIBLE.

I don’t know what gifts God’s given you, but if you’re a child of His, you have them. And they aren’t yours to keep, they’re yours to give.

We all have something to GIVE.

I believe God has given me the gifts of words and photography…and I’m starting to think it’s for just a time as this. He will have to move the mountains that need to be moved for me to use them in the ways I feel He’s calling me to, and I’m TRUSTING Him to do just that. If God wants me in Guatemala this fall, or next year or ten years from now, He will make a way. Because He is THE way.

I believe those are my gifts and I believe He has greater plans for them than what my feeble mind has imagined…and not an ounce for my glory, but all and only for His. And that’s all and only what I want at this point. To be used all and only for Him. To abide in Him and Him in me. Wholly. Holy. Completely.

I’m leaving you with a quote from Noel Yeatt’s book, “Awake“, that rocked my world. This statement from Jim Palmer in his book “Divine Nobodies” left me weeping, because it’s not a view of God I’ve taken, but I pray I never forget…

“Here’s what I want. I want to share with God all I feel, all I need, all that grieves me, all that makes me happy, the puzzling things, the hard things, but I would prefer that God keeps his stuff to himself. I don’t want to hear about his pain and grief.”

I have NEVER stopped to consider God’s pain and grief. NEVER. I’ve only stopped to consider my own.

Noel goes on to say this, “We have to be willing to embrace all that God is about, all that he loves, and all that breaks his heart.”

Yes, we have to be willing to consider that, don’t we?  But when? When it’s convenient? Because if that’s when, then we never will. Not in the age of “comfortably numb” we live in today, as Noel puts it.

So, no matter what your current mission field is, even if you never have the chance to leave your 1/2 acre or 1000 acres…and EVEN IF YOU DO…there is something you can do today. Something you can give. Something you have to offer.

Can you let go of it to let God use it…to let God use you? 

I’m excited to be joining a beautiful community of blogging advocates who routinely speak up and out as ambassadors for the mission of World Help. And not so routinely (for the first time this fall as a WH blogger group to Guatemala) they have opportunities to visit the front lines where World Help is changing lives daily. (This is a stone I’m TRUSTING God to move for me in His time, His will, His way…)

Regardless of how and when I get to GO, I’ll be sharing HERE monthly-ish with updates on their initiatives and ways WE ALL can help. Because everyone has something to give. Everyone. 

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  • Such passion Meredith. Beautifully written. I reminds me of an elder pastor mentor of mine who told me this past week, “What you do is not about you. It’s not for you. It’s for God and the people He places in your path.” I love how God orchestrated such meetings for you. I bet we will be seeing and reading about your trip this fall. Love you friend xxooReplyCancel

    • I love what your pastor said, Carmen! “It’s for God and the people He places in your path.” Those are words to live by. <3 Thank you for your support friend. Love you...xoReplyCancel

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  • What an incredible connection you made here, Meredith – and what a beautiful opportunity to offer your gifts and talents. I love your words about your mission field at home. I think we can forget that there is much to do in our own backyards, our communities, and that we don’t have to travel far and wide to be used by God. He calls us each to the places He needs us – even if that’s our own kitchen table. Thank you for sharing and I look forward to hearing more.ReplyCancel

    • Thank you for being here friend, and for your continued encouragement. It’s a blessing to realize we have these awesome mission fields right in our own backyards and kitchen tables, isn’t it? Love you..xoReplyCancel

  • Joanne Viola

    This is such a motivating post! I know God has recently moved me to do more & be involved more so this spoke to my heart deeply. May He bless you as you honor Him with your gifts.ReplyCancel

  • I have always testified that my mission field is right in front of me, the home He gave me and the kids he blessed me with to raise and teach. I have been content, most of the time, with that, yet longed to be and do more w/o really knowing exactly what that looked like. Till He showed me the reach of words…till he showed me the way that rocking my children’s world with truth could shake a nation because my prayers are transcendent of our understanding of time.
    I will pray for you as you walk through these doors He is opening. What a blessing and a gift to have the opportunity to serve as He is leading.

    • The knowing and accepting of this call to our mission fields at home is a beautiful thing…and the yearning for more is something God can use to His glory. And He is, in your life and mine. So glad to be in this life as sisters, Dawn. So glad for a God that loves us enough to fulfill our dreams and make His our own. xoReplyCancel

  • I am in awe. I am in awe of God’s goodness. I am in awe of your generous love. I sat in Noel’s office telling her I cannot believe that God would bring such amazing women into my life who would carry the same passions that He has give me. It’s not for me. I know it. It’s for His kingdom. We are His body. I am so glad He chose to knit us so closely together for this time in our lives. I am praying for you, friend. May God part the seas. <3ReplyCancel

    • It really is a beautiful thing to watch God unfold His mysteries before our eyes, isn’t it, friend? And I’m in awe of the women He’s bringing in my life drawing me to Him. You are a blessing that you will never know the fullness of. xoReplyCancel

  • Katie Reid

    This is so neat friend! Love your writing, as always, as you pour out your heart transparently and showcase His stirrings. Excited for you and what He is stirring within as you use your gifts for His glory and tune your heart to sing of His greatness and grace.ReplyCancel

    • It is fun to see what God is doing and will do in our lives, Katie. Sitting with you in surrender and awe as we watch His plans unfold. xoReplyCancel

  • Christine Duncan

    This really thrills me, I won’t give up on asking God where He needs me to go, He has a place and timing, and I know He wants it to gel with the mission field I’m in right now at home… already His timing with your post today, is perfect! 🙂 Much love, lady, keep shining for Him!!!ReplyCancel

    • Oh Christine, I’m so glad you are here and I’m thrilled to see how He is using you friend! <3 Much love right back. xoxoReplyCancel

  • Amen and yes friend, God does make a way when it is His way. So happy for you that His plan for your life and gifts is unfolding and so personally blessed to be a friend and witness. May God bless this new ministry for you in ways only He can.

    • Yes, Jana, such a great reminder, God does make a way when it is His way. <3 Thankful for that this Good Friday! Love you, mbReplyCancel

  • Jodie Barrett

    SO much about this touches me!ReplyCancel

    • Aww, you are so sweet all the time, Jodie. I love you and your heart. Thanks for being here this week. xoxoReplyCancel

  • I’m so excited for all he has in store for you, friend. Beautiful. Just beautiful.ReplyCancel

    • I’m excited to all He has in store for you, too, Abby! He is up to big things, I believe. Just praying I don’t miss it. 😉 Love you!ReplyCancel

  • Darlene Collazo

    Love these words, Meredith! I’ve shared this with you already, but it bears repeating. You have such a beautiful ease with words. Your heart comes through so effortlessly. Love that about you <3 Looking forward to seeing how God uses your time with World Help to grow and use you. It would be a dream to get together for the Guatemala trip. Praying God would lead you as you seek His direction. <3ReplyCancel

    • Darlene, you are such a gem to me. I am praying we get to go together…I just can’t imagine any people I would rather serve alongside. Believing God for it to happen in His time, His will, His way. Love you. Thank you for your continued encouragement. xoxoReplyCancel

  • I love what you are doing. Thanks for the wink up! It’s always great to meet a Nother Christian blogger but especially one who’s in my own back yard so to speak. I am in Vuena VistaReplyCancel

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  • Meredith thanks for sharing such an encouraging post!

    Love and Blessings,

  • Meredith, what a beautiful organization you’ve highlighted here. I can’t wait to see how God uses you too. I love your reminder that “The greatest mission field I serve is in my home” – I often forget that!ReplyCancel

    • Thank you Kim. And yes, don’t forget we are serving in ALL the glorious ways right here in our homes. So glad for GRACE in this. All of it. xoReplyCancel

  • How wonderful, Merideth! I will be praying for you and God’s direction to become clear as you seek His will. What an awesome ministry!ReplyCancel

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  • Hey there, Meredith! What a “coicidence” that World Help headquarters is so close to you! How wonderful that you’ll be going to Guatemala. I’ve been there several times (It’s El Salvador’s neighbor.) May the Lord bless your efforts and your vision, friend.

    I’m SURE God is multiplying your fruit in ways I believe you won’t ever know until you’re with Him. 🙂ReplyCancel

    • Ha, yes, love God’s coincidences. 😉 Thanks for the kinds words, Besty. No doubt God is multiplying your fruit, as well! Love you friend. xoReplyCancel