Living Like I’m Dying | {A 31 Day Challenge}

She told me she was going to be doing some things she had been putting off, since she only had a month left to live.

Surely my close friend wasn’t telling me in a text that she had some terminal illness or even worse? Surely not. But after several texts with these words, I made her explain. My mind always goes the worst possible scenario first, because that’s who I am.

Turns out she had been challenged to live the next month like she was dying, even though she wasn’t.

The point is, we don’t know.

We don’t know what month’s worth of days will be our last.

If we did, would it change the way we lived them? Of course it would.

This thought has been bouncing around this blonder-than-ever head for several weeks now. (Really, I’m blonder than ever in more ways than one lately. Proof in IG feed.)

What if I tried this?
How would my every day look different?
How would this change my family?
How would this change me?

In so many ways I’m great at realizing ALL the good things I’d like to do, and even need to do, but I am admittedly terrible at follow-through.

Case in point, the mountain of books next to my bed I’ve started, but never finished.
The stack of Bible studies I’ve began, only to get a few weeks in and lost the gusto to complete.
The room upstairs full of “stuff” still needing to be cleaned out so my baby girl can have a big-girl room, since she’s not actually a baby anymore. (Well, in the eyes of the world she’s not, anyway.)

The story of my life is a pile of incomplete actions lying around like incomplete sentences.

There are a lot of “should haves” that go along with all of the “would haves” next to the piles of “could haves.” That’s not exactly what I want my kids to remember about their mom, that she had a bunch of empty promises never delivered and empty dreams never fulfilled.

For 31 days starting on October 1, I’m going to attempt (with every ounce of my good-intentioned, perfectly imperfect soul) to live this one test out.

Living Like I’m Dying | meredithbernard.com | 31 Days of Writing


Thirty-one days of living like I’m dying.

I’m not sure what it’s going to look like, because I don’t have it all planned out. (If you know me, this leads to a big. ‘ole. duh.) My hope is to do something each day that makes an impact on someone’s life and to get some things done that I’ve been putting off. I will probably do some voice recording, maybe even try my hand at vlogging? Maybe try some printables? It will be a sure enough daily surprise…especially to me! 😀

There will be well over a thousand other bloggers delving into their own 31-day series, spurred on by The Nester’s 31 Day Writing Challenge. I’ll be linking up with her and with Kate Motaung’s “challenge-within-the-challenge” to do this in short five-minute posts each day. Kind of like a month long FMF party. Whoot! This is a lot of challenges for an already challenged girl…and thus, this should be interesting.

So, yes, I should have something posted every day…and it should be short…should and should.

I would LOVE to have company on this journey of Living Like I’m Dying for 31 days. If you want to join in, please do! Join me here or through my facebook page with your thoughts or ways you are choosing to live like you are dying.

I will have a “home page” designated just for this series, with the links available for each day HERE.

Are you in? Will you help me do this?

I can only imagine the testimonies we will have to share on November 1. I’m getting excited now just thinking about it.

Let me know if you are in and if you aren’t ready to commit, maybe just say a prayer that I’ll stay committed. 😛  I believe God put this on my heart for such a time as this. Maybe He’s putting it on yours, too?

Here we go!