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Hey y'all, I'm so glad you're here! I hope you'll stay a while, poke around a bit and come back often. I'd love for you to think of my online "home" like my own home - always inviting, always real (hello - kids and farm life!) and always available for a friend. 

You'll find me starting my day over a cup (or 3) of strong, black coffee with my very own "Marlboro Man." If the weather is right, I'll be on my new front porch and no matter where, I hope to spend the first moments of my day being quiet and still with God, because the rest of my day is anything but. I'm a perfectly imperfect mess of a farmer's wife and mother, with a strong tendency to wear my dreamer's heart on my sleeve, which can lead to some dramatic moments on the homestead. Add those moments to sibling rivalry between our two Littles, and things get interesting fast around here. Enter a Fireking bowl of "comfort ice cream" nightly. Food is my deepest love language - especially in the dairy form. 

All of that being said, my life is good and blessed. Such trite words, I know, but really the best words to explain this story I'm living. After ten years on the road in sales, I finally found my way home. I've also found my purpose and in so many ways, it includes helping others find theirs. I know I was born to help tell His story through telling other's...and we all have stories worth telling. Every life story matters and it matters that they are told authentically, timelessly and truly...and I'd love to help tell yours. xoxo

The greatest gift in life is LIFE … tell it well.

My Style

My photography style is rustic, yet refined. I love photographing on our cattle farm, using the rugged landscape as a backdrop for genuine heart connections between couples, families and little feet just learning to run. There are moments behind my lens that tears well up when the light, land and subject connect in perfect harmony - and those are the moments I live for. Those are the moments that define who I am as an artist.

I also love the rustic appeal of the natural light studio I recently acquired use of in the small town I call home. Only five miles from our farm's dirt drive, the upper room of the 1835 circa Milton General Store is the perfect indoor backdrop for newborn and maternity sessions with it's old brick walls and tall paneled windows, dressed in lace. Simply rustic. Simply refined.

You will not see a lot of props in my photos, as I prefer organic interaction and use of naturally occurring settings, like old barns and antique trucks on our farm, my studio bed and iron crib and always the simplicity and beauty of a baby in their parents arms.

I desire the viewer to not only see, but feel, the authentic connection and beauty in photographs I take and my hope is that they would be considered timeless. I never want my photos to hi-lite me as a photographer, but always to hi-lite the moments I’m capturing. Photographs I deliver should be considered family heirlooms and treasured as such for generations to come.