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Gather. | meredithbernard.com | Five Minute Friday

He gathered the water together and made what we call earth. home. our land…a place to dwell on the way to salvation.

He gathered the animals together and at the sound of His voice they came. One by one, they came to the boat…to their salvation.

He gathered His people together and led them from bondage, on dry ground surrounded by gathered water raised high, and through the wilderness…to their salvation.

His children gathered stones and piled them round and large and high in remembrance of the stepping stones…to their salvation.

He left His high place to come to our low place and the shepherds gathered round the sleeping Shepherd who would be…their One salvation.

He spoke and crowds gathered large and wide and dropped their friend through the roof to hear His words and experience the touch…of His salvation.

He was lifted high on a cross and the storm clouds gathered, as all Heaven cried on the day…of our salvation.

He laid in wait for three days and then His Father gathered Him back safely to His side…and our eventual place of salvation.

He will gather His people together in the clouds, One glorious day, on the way…to our eternal salvation.

And then the gathering will be complete and salvation will be full and the Savior will reign as we gather around Him forevermore in glory and honor and praise.

He is calling us to gather, together, to greater than we can be or do on our own.
He is calling His church TO GATHER, TOGETHER.

Joining Kate Motaung and the gang for Five Minute Friday this week. It’s a great place to be…come see.


  • Melanie Davis Porter

    WOW Meredith! What a call to rise – this is beautiful. How simple the gospel is – sometimes I forget this! Your writing my dear – is so effusive – gives me chills! Love you sweet girl. God’s got it going on in you sweetie!ReplyCancel

  • Sabra Penley

    The whole gospel story in one little post. Amazing! What a gift He has given you, Meredith! Love you, sweet friend!ReplyCancel